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Get to know me! 

Hi all! My name is Mason and I use he/him pronouns! I was born and raised right outside of St Paul, Minnesota where my love of theatre began. I was raised in a hockey family and when I first slapped on a pair of ice skates and uttered the words, "it's too slippery", my parents decided that maybe hockey was not the best for me. From the moment I took the stage, I was hooked and knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. My love for theatre grew throughout my childhood doing shows in my community. 

After high school, I attended Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin where I received my BFA in Music Theatre and a minor in dance! At school, I was able to hone my craft and be pushed by myself, my peers, and my professors to be the best person and artist I can be. 
I am passionate about telling stories that push people to better the world we live in. 

Off stage, you can find me looking for the best coffee in town, adventuring with my loved ones, crocheting, or binge-watching Dance Moms.

I hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to connecting with you! 




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I am super excited to share that I will be performing as a singer/dancer with Carnival Entertainment as a part of their Playlist Productions! I will be heading to Ft. Lauderdale for rehearsals this coming January, and then sail the Caribbean until August aboard the Carnival Freedom!

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